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AlmondMailer is an email marketing software that helps you to send tailor-made offers to your clients when they’re most active. You can install on your own PC or server - no monthly fees.

With AlmondMailer, you can send 10 different offers using 10 different SMTP servers concurrently – Multithreading. This is what make our software unique!

Almond Mailer Account Setup

SMTP Servers

You can setup your own SMTP servers – Limited to a maximum of 10 SMTP servers.

To set up the email addresses of the sender accounts (limited to 10 accounts) it's necessary to configure an SMTP server that will be used to send tailor-made offers to your clients. Luckily, the configuration of SMTP servers is simple - you will need to add the right SMTP parameters in the settings window.

Almond Mailer Recipients List

Recipients List

You can import your existing recipient data (email addresses) into our system easily and quickly – duplicated data and special characters will be removed automatically.

Also, you can create your own recipient lists (groups) for your existing recipient data. For Example, you can create a group for project managers, group for business owners, etc.

Almond Mailer Email Content

Email Content

With AlmondMailer, you can send text messages, image messages and HTML messages.

Pro version comes with a predefined customizable responsive HTML templates which lets you send tailor-made offers to your clients without spending more time and effort designing your email marketing campaign. FAST.

Almond Mailer Software

Email marketing depends on a trusted relationship with your clients, and AlmondMailer will help you build it, keep it and improve it.

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